Among the different fashions of guitar, classical guitar is one of the most gratifying. Once you attain that certain sound and tone that you want, it would definitely give a sense of success. Because of this, it is no wonder that quite a number of people pursue classical guitar lessons. Embark on your journey in playing with beginners’ lessons. This way, a stable and concrete foundation can be made.

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Since wrong habits slow down the improvement in playing, learning to play from a knowledgeable teacher is required.

In the popular tutorial website, JamPlay, the basic elements of guitar playing are taught. Important points such as tuning, proper stance, finger skills, and other elements are discussed in the website. One of the things offered by the site is the variety of instructors. Instructions and lessons are more or less the same. The varying element is on the instructor you pick to learn from. You can view each instructor’s set to determine which one you learn easily from.

Danny Voris starts his course by discussing the basic elements. His discussions can start from the guitar’s origin to the essential techniques you would need. He also gives points on how to install the nylon strings and the proper shape of fingernails. He also highlights essential repertoire from the various musical periods.

Playing can be traced back to the 15th century. Its origin is from a deep past but its repertoire extends over 500 years.

On the other hand, students can also learn from Pamela Goldsmith. Like Voris, she starts her course with the basic things. Then, she moves on with teaching ageless musical pieces. She also discusses proper techniques, theories, and other concepts to give students some background and knowledge on the musical instrument.

JamPlay’s beginner’s curriculum begins with the most basic classical guitar lessons. They teach as if the students have never laid a hand on a guitar before. They will furnish you with the essentials required to make you knowledgeable.

The key aspects of the lessons are:

• Physical Attributes of the Guitar
• How to Maintain your Guitar
• The Value of Proper Body Form
• Using the Pick
• Techniques on Strumming
• Encountering your Initial Chords
• Facing your Initial Scales
• Essentials of Music Theory

If you are self-taught, the lessons will form and train you into a well- rounded guitarist. Other key topics to be discussed are:
• Elements of a Chord
• How to Read tabs and music sheets
• Relationship of Scales to Chords
• Making Time Signatures Matter
• Making it a habit to practice
• Making use of the Metronome
• Significance of Modes
• Incorporating progressions

Most people think that learning to play is an easy and instant thing to do. However, learning is actually only possible if you have the right resources and a formed habit of practicing. Teaching institutions like JamPlay addresses their students with effective structures. To make matters more systematic and effective, they have also divided their course into three parts.

Part 1 discusses the necessary things one has to know before they can actually play the guitar. This involves a step by step lecture.

Part 2 zooms in on certain techniques and proficiency. When you have grasped the essential things discussed in part 1, you can now focus on a certain genre like the classics.

Part 3 is where you can actually start creating music. You can request your teacher to teach you how to play a certain song.

Most people think that they can easily grab the instrument and play the classics. However, these 3 parts of classical guitar lessons are essential for a well-rounded musician.


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